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Everyone loves to start something on their own. When you have an idea in your head, implementing it is more complicated than you can imagine. Apart from getting all the required resources and manpower, the biggest challenge faced by many new entrepreneurs is funding.

There is no sufficient funding to help one start their business the way they want to. one has to either compromise on the size of the business or do something else before they can streamline their business.

Rejected By The Banks

Banks are not ready to fund small businesses or home businesses. When they don’t have enough collateral or if the business s unique, they are not ready to lend money. This is because the risks involved are high and they are not ready to undertake the risk.

Also, when you have a history of bad credit or have defaulted, even a single payment, the banks take it consideration and thus reduce your eligibility to qualify for a loan. Without such funding, it is not possible for one to start off a business while at home though you don’t have to invest in a place or get a new office, the business needs sufficient funding to take off.

Alternate Funding

So what can a home-based entrepreneur or a budding businessman do when they don’t have the funds required. Rather than letting your dreams rot, or, selling your ideas to someone else, get merchant cash advances and start that business all by yourself.

These are commercial loans without a collateral. These unsecured loans can be availed for short-term or a long-term as per requirement. The merchants are ready to lend money even if you have a bad credit rating. This is because, rather than focusing on the past, the merchants are ready to give you a chance and focus on the future.

They sign up for a percentage of your card receivables and every month the agreed upon percentage of what you receive by card payments are transferred to their account till the required amount is returned. In today’s age where people use more plastic money than hard cash, card payments are guaranteed. Hence when your business picks up, both you and your lender will start earning back what was invested.

For Business Development Too

Apart from just starting the business, these types of funding can be used to increase the size of your business too. One can borrow a certain amount to increase their asset holding or buy new machinery or equipment that can help in the growth of the business. If it is a service based business, one needs funding to increase the services offered. As and when these services are chosen by the clients, the business starts growing.

Despite having money in the bank, it is not a wise decision to invest everything you have. One needs liquidity at any given time, when in business. This is because one can never tell when there will be an urgent need for cash. No one will be ready to fund emergencies. Hence it is a smart move to hold back the reserves for such situations and borrow money for the expansion of the business.

Funding Positions

Whether you want direct funding or not, BCA (business cash advance) can be used. We can offer 1st Position, 2nd Position, 3rd Position, 4th and 5th Position funding too if there is a requirement. Though the rates are considerably higher than what a bank would charge, we merchants are ready to undertake the risk and fund your idea and help it grow into a full-fledged business.

When you apply for a fund, our experts will analyze and decide on the rates based on the risk involved for us and the time estimated to get back our funds. The interest rates and the percentage of your card receivables that we sign up are also decided based on the analysis.

No matter what idea you have, we are here to help you implement it and help it grow into a proper money making business. We believe there is future where there is passion. Hence we are ready to invest in your passion for we believe anyone who is given a chance to chase their dream can make it big in this world.

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Some of the major advantages of opting for this type of funding is, one need not worry about providing any collateral. When you are starting a business from home, you wouldn’t want to put that house up as collateral. This is a very high risk of a small default in the payment can cause the bank to seize the property. When your house is sealed, your business suffers too. As a result, the entire dream and efforts put in come crashing down.

Instead of risking everything you have, allow us to take the risk while you go ahead and make those ideas a reality. These bank loan alternatives can be used for both short term and long-term funding. Get some unsecured business loan and watch your dream come true without compromising much.