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Trying To Finance Your Financial Services Company? Try Out Merchant Cash Advance


As a consultant of financial services or as a business owner of a financial services company, there are times when you too require sufficient funding to move ahead in your business. Not only startups or small businesses, the need for some extra cash for renovation, repair, purchases etc. are required even by companies providing financial services.

Most of the commercial loans and bank loans have very strict loan terms. They are often for longer term periods. The approval process is usually strict, as they look very deeply into the credit history and credit scores. The payback conditions are also not flexible and have a fixed monthly payment schedule.

So, are there any other options available for both small businesses and financial service consultant? Fortunately, yes. Merchant cash advance companies provide this immediate cash that you require for your business, be it a small scale one or even financial services industry, like consultants, collection agencies etc.

The what and how of Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash advance is an alternate form of business funding. When commercial banks have rejected your loan application for some finance that you need, then you do have many options. One of the best alternative funding solutions is the Merchant Cash Advance (MCA).

That urgent need of funding can be fulfilled with ease with a cash advance. This form of funding is very flexible, with many advantages. The terms are not very strict. Even if there is bad credit, it is fine. The main thing is that you should have a predictable credit card sales volume. There are certain minimum requirements of the merchant cash advance provider, to be met with. Once these are fulfilled, then you are on a roll. You get the required finance that you want, without many hassles.

You can use this finance in many ways. MCA can be used for the following purposes.

Uses of Merchant Cash Advance

  • Repairs and renovations.

  • Expansion of business.

  • Purchase of inventory and stock.

  • Purchase of new equipment

  • Recruitment of new staff

  • Addition of new products and services

  • Past debts settlement

Merchant cash advance also has many benefits, when compared to the other commercial loans. The working capital that you have wanted can be easily got through the far simpler and hassle free processing that you can find at MCA companies. While the bank loans take ages to get processed. So, even if your loan is not sanctioned by the bank, you can depend upon Merchant cash advance companies who give cash advance, in a fast and simple way.

The benefits of Merchant cash advance:

  • Easy, fast and simple processing

  • Flexible payback terms and conditions

  • Repayments can be suited to your business cash flow

  • Faster approval process.

  • Even bad credit is fine.

  • Get working capital when you need it.

  • Easy eligibility requirements. (most small businesses qualify for MCA)

  • Higher approval rates.

  • MCA can also be used for 2nd position funding.

  • It can increase the productivity of your business.

Merchant cash advance is not a loan. It is more dependent on your future sales. MCA companies take a percentage of your future credit card sales. Even though the rates that MCA companies charge is higher, they have very flexible payback terms. For businesses which have a peak season and off season, this kind of cash Advance is beneficial, as it allows them to clear off the advance faster during the peak season. During non-peak season, this can be adjusted accordingly. There is no burden of fixed monthly payments.

Our services

We are a Merchant Cash Advance company. We have very flexible and easy terms that help you get that all-important purchase order or even that important equipment that your office needs. Your working capital requirements are processed faster and cash advance approved very fast.

We cater to a wide range of industries. We also do business funding for financial services like Collection Agency, Credit Repair, and Consultants. Some of the other industries and businesses that we cater to are as follows:

  • Auto repair business

  • Salon business

  • Restaurant business

  • Pool services

  • Specialty retail

  • MLM business

  • High ticket High Volume Business

  • Health and Gym Memberships

  • Firearm dealers

  • Health and vitamin supplements business

  • Membership clubs

  • Credit counseling business

  • Online dating websites

  • SEO and marketing business

  • Credit repair businesses

  • Pawn shops

  • Telemarketing

  • Collection agency

  • Hotel industry

  • E-commerce

  • Merchant businesses

Most of the small businesses qualify for a MCA from our company. It is very beneficial for you as you can get the capital funding that you require and also not worry about strict payment terms. You can concentrate on your business and increase your profitability. You can grow your brand. You can also pay off the existing debts. We provide 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th position funding, which helps you clear your debts and expand your business.